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Computer Repair

Computer Cleanup, Update Programs,
Operating System, Remove Viruses, Spyware

Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery, Restore Deleted Computer Files, Repair Virus Damage

Smartphone Service

We Repair Broken Smartphone Screens and all iPhone, iPad and Android components

We Fix Broken Phone Screens

Broken Phone Screen?
We Can Fix It!
iPhone, iPad, Mac Screens, Name Brand Android Phones

SSA Ticket To Work Program

Our Social Security Administration Ticket To Work Services are provided to beneficiaries at no charge.

Low Vision Computing

Low Vision Computer Services And Training For The Vision Impaired

Computer Training For Seniors

Computer Training For Seniors can be arranged for groups or individuals at your location or ours.

Bookkeeping, Accounting Services

Professional Accounting Solutions, English, Spanish, French, Creole

Writing and Translation Services

Writing, correcting and translating texts. Spanish – English and French

Notary Public, North Miami Beach

Our Location or Yours, Mobile Notary Services Available

D & B Services Directory

Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach

Ticket To Work Testimonials

VM, Another D & B Ticket To Work Success Story


With Belkis' personalized
program of monitoring
and assistance I was
able to move forward
towards my goals

Dear Belkis,

After an extremely dificult time due to health issues that incapacitated me I went into early retirement due to disability. Five to six years of intense boutxxxx against practically uncontrollable diabetes II, onset of major depression, and now Parkinson's disease which is under control. With help of a group of medical specialist I started to feel better and I feel and have the desire to return to the workforce.

I saw that it was going to be very difficult to seek work on my own given the circumstaces and after trying for several months on my own I seeked assistance from a program called Ticket to Work hosted by Social Security. I joined the program on December 2012 and currently I am on the verge of becoming productively employed and financially independent again. After joining Ticket to Work, I selected a job network called DB Computers Inc. owned by Ms. Belkis Pimentel. Ms. Belkis owns DB Computers Inc.

Ms. Belkis Pimentel has been extremely instrumental in bringing me up to the level at which I am at now. At the beginning, we met and developed a plan that described the goals to be able to obtain a job. With Ms. Belkis personalized program which offered close monitoring and assistance I was able to move forward toward those goals and complete a short 12 month medical billing and coding program which also served as training for me to tolerate and integrate into an external work environment. This also helped me start an online master's degree program in medical or health informatics which I will complete in about two years. In the mean time, Ms. Belkis and myself have crafted apropiate resumes for many job applications using leads that she provided. In the process we have made certain adjustments due to my physical limitations which has lead to the development of an interesting ecommerce business which will be launched very soon. Without Ms. Belkis assistance and guidance this progress would not have been possible. I have a picture taken around the time when I joined the program and a more recent one.

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