Computer and Business Services

Computer Repair

Computer Cleanup, Update Programs,
Operating System, Remove Viruses, Spyware

Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery, Restore Deleted Computer Files, Repair Virus Damage

Smartphone Service

We Repair Broken Smartphone Screens and all iPhone, iPad and Android components

We Fix Broken Phone Screens

Broken Phone Screen?
We Can Fix It!
iPhone, iPad, Mac Screens, Name Brand Android Phones

SSA Ticket To Work Program

Our Social Security Administration Ticket To Work Services are provided to beneficiaries at no charge.

Low Vision Computing

Low Vision Computer Services And Training For The Vision Impaired

Computer Training For Seniors

Computer Training For Seniors can be arranged for groups or individuals at your location or ours.

Bookkeeping, Accounting Services

Professional Accounting Solutions, English, Spanish, French, Creole

Writing and Translation Services

Writing, correcting and translating texts. Spanish – English and French

Notary Public, North Miami Beach

Our Location or Yours, Mobile Notary Services Available

D & B Services Directory

Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach

Ticket To Work Testimonials

D & B Ticket To Work Success Story


Thank you Belkis, D&B.
My educational goal is
to pursue and finish my
undergraduate degree

Hello fellow D&B family and Associates. I have accolades for my support system team much respect. Prior to living in Florida I was hopeless, and worry full like we all get at times. Prior from returning to Florida I was hopeless and tired of the daily routine of being rejected for job opportunities. In reference to these places with the now hiring sign placards in the same position month after month on the fast food store windows. Those are examples of the employers I resorted to applying for and got shot down and put aside by every time. I never worked fast food. During a few episodes that left me bamboozled and vulnerable and wide open to be destroyed either jail, colony or everyday stressors and depression.

I reconnaissance hope and regained my will to proceed a Christian living and be goal oriented again. D&B computers helped me in more ways than one. I couldn't afford to get internet because I was without money and I was without a job because lack of proper resources. The libraries had computers and research sources, but no one to coach through certain dilemmas like Mrs. Belkis, or when to contact a prospect employer. I grew up in Miami and attended the local high school just north of the 163rd strip mall. I was a decent academia kid, but as I got older I was swimming in a river of carelessness, and to retrieve from drowning in problems made a run, only to run right back to Florida but , into the arms of my conrads.

Thank you Belkis, D&B Computer staff and Associates. My educational goal is to pursue and finish my undergraduate degree, retain my business and educational gift of learning and utilize my skills and be transcendental. I want to network and encourage positivity in the industry of work & institution. My environment my soul memorizes through grace and wisdom. Maybe one day I can step through the doors that are open to me and continue to promote satisfactory & proper learning, building, and earning. God has brought me spiritual minded people and this alone has taught me, I can learn and teach through truth and compassion (Dalai lama).

Vladimir D.

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