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Computer Cleanup, Update Programs,
Operating System, Remove Viruses, Spyware

Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery, Restore Deleted Computer Files, Repair Virus Damage

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We Repair Broken Smartphone Screens and all iPhone, iPad and Android components

We Fix Broken Phone Screens

Broken Phone Screen?
We Can Fix It!
iPhone, iPad, Mac Screens, Name Brand Android Phones

SSA Ticket To Work Program

Our Social Security Administration Ticket To Work Services are provided to beneficiaries at no charge.

Low Vision Computing

Low Vision Computer Services And Training For The Vision Impaired

Computer Training For Seniors

Computer Training For Seniors can be arranged for groups or individuals at your location or ours.

Bookkeeping, Accounting Services

Professional Accounting Solutions, English, Spanish, French, Creole

Writing and Translation Services

Writing, correcting and translating texts. Spanish – English and French

Notary Public, North Miami Beach

Our Location or Yours, Mobile Notary Services Available

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Ticket To Work

D & B Ticket To work Success Story


Thank you D & B,
Belkis & Family, there is
no way to thank for all
you have done for me



Hello my name is Javier Casamajor and this is my testimonial.

To start I just want to clarify that nobody is paying me and I an not receiving benefit in any way by making this testimony. I am just doing it to help other people who are in the same situation that I encountered.

When I was only 27 years old I was disabled. I thought that my life would be quiet and peaceful and that I would live a stable life. As time went on, I realized I was wasting my life, and for what? I was so young, why would I want to limit myself in this way? That's when I started to despair. This was not the future that I and my family had dreamed for me. I started to seek and ask for advice.

I began to look into the program "Ticket to Work". At first I felt afraid that the program was a lie, or some kind of deception to get him to leave his disability insurance and to work, but the reality was different!
After having read a lot about the program, I decided to call a ticket agency to work to see how it could help. I asked for their address and to my surprise it were near where I live.

When I met Belkis, we sat and talked for a good time and he explained detail by detail how the program worked. I felt more confident. She felt like family and at that moment we started working on my resume, I wondered what I would like to do for work. I mentioned to her that I liked computers. Without asking if I had any kind of experience, she offered me work with them that very same day! This is the Heart of a beautiful person. Always willing to help. Without any interest in receiving anything in return.

I can never say enough about her kindness. Today I have two jobs doing something that I like. Thank you D & B Computer Services works. Belkis & Family, there is no way to thank all you have done for me, and will continue doing. There is still much work ahead for me to do and many things that I need to improve. With D & B and Belkis always there to support me, I feel that there is no barrier that I cannot break, no dreams that cannot be achieved. Belkis, thanks for all you have done for me.

Remember that with D & B Computer Services everything can be possible.

Javier C.

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