Senior Citizens Computer Training and Support

Providing individuals 55+ with the opportunity to become independent and active through the use of technology.

Senior Citizens Gain Independence Through The Use Of Technology

Having access to Email to stay in touch with family and friends or browsing Websites to keep up with current events or research information of interest can be a positive and worthwhile experience for seniors.

Computer Training For Senior Citiznes can be arranged for groups or individuals at your location or ours. Computer training sessions for seniors are organized and taught by Belkis Pimentel, Executive Director of D & B Computer Services of North Miami Beach, Florida.

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For information about programs helping Seniors become independent and active through the use of technology, call Belkis Pimentel, 305-945-1931

D & B Computer Senior Citizen Training and Support

305-945-1931 Helping Senior Citizens Stay Productive and In Touch With Friends and Family Online

Meet A Star Student